Suzhou Hongteng labor Services Ltd. is a company approved by the Municipal Labor Bureau, the Trade and Industry Bureau registration, and issued domestic sending organizations with independent management qualification, business scope includes: dispatch, job placement, personnel agency, labor outsourcing, outsourcing of production lines, temporary assignment, graduate internships, job training and so on.

Companies strictly enforce the relevant provisions of the "Jiangsu Province Labor Market Regulations" and labor dispatch by Suzhou City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau administration and supervision. The company has consistently adhered to the 'conduct as one, forever with a promise' to serve the purpose, to 'qualified talents for enterprises, for job seekers to find the ideal career' as a fundamental, enthusiasm for corporate customers, providing quality services to job seekers. Company and local multi- factories and enterprises and the provinces and cities more than college vocational institutions to establish a good relationship of cooperation, since its establishment has been at all levels of government, the strong support of cooperative enterprises, vocational institutions, is fast and steady development, the company has group familiar with laws and regulations, human resource management ranks of high-quality professional team, we will make every effort to provide customers with high-quality services to meet the needs of rapid development of enterprises, the economic development of Jiangsu Province, and make greater contributions to!

Militarization and humane management style combine

Xinhong Labor full trained, qualified assessment order on duty, militarization and humane combine management, the effectiveness of the security forces so that security is stronger

Pre-service, in the post and not the end of training more professional

Professional training is the new Hong Baoan good premise security services, in order to ensure that customers have the guarantee of the security service, pre-service training department in security, should be carried out in the post and at the end of the practical operation and theoretical training

Default security mechanism is more at ease now lost

Security Professional is the basic condition, security defaulter is more full compensation for the customer, so that customers no worries

Sound management team and safer

Management teams are trained elite, coupled with management support from the public security organs, so that the Xinhong Labor company better and more secure


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